Aristotle proclaimed the law is "reason free from passion."

The reality, though, is the exact opposite. It is passion that can sway a judge or jury. The practice of law is my passion. I truly care for each individual client, their family and the welfare of any children involved, as well as the prompt, effective resolution of all issues in litigation. This compels me to diligently pursue the rights of my clients.

At the Sivic Law Firm, I realize that these cases are more than just docket numbers. They are the best and worst parts of your lives. Can you truly expect a forty hour a week paralegal to treat the possible loss of your children or your very freedom with the seriousness you deserve?

From your initial consultation to the final disposition of your case, a licensed attorney will be handling every aspect of your case.

I am available anytime by appointment - days, evenings and weekends, to provide you with the expertise and passion necessary to deliver the best achievable results. If you cannot make it to my office, arrangements can be made for me to travel to your home or office.